Working as your development team, product designers and tech leaders, we fight to help your business succeed. Our business objective is to deliver great service and maintain that software with ongoing relationships for great clients.

Our management team is comprised of business savvy developers that directly contribute to projects, and we keep the overhead and sales costs to a minimum.

Based in Kansas City, and also connected to Austin and Raleigh, we successfully deliver quality leadership and development for a variety of technical projects, products and companies.

At XION we strive to work with the best and brightest. With limited exceptions, our developers and designers are USA-based to promote synergy and meet the expectations of our clients.





Xion Tech Solutions provides custom technology design and development. We also provide CTO/CIO/Chief Engineer level technical consulting to a limited number of clients that show a need for our services. Our primary products are manufacturing technology and cloud solutions, medical devices and software and business management tools and software, but we entertain mobile and web development and engineering opportunities across the spectrum of business. Our goal is to save and empower your bottom line through helping you elevate your technical strategy, products and tooling.

Our projects have spanned a variety of marketplaces, but we emphasize industrial, medical, telecomm, tooling, and business products. We want our products to be directly aligned with your bottom line and make and save you money. There's very few technical products we can't tackle with the right customer.

If you would like to see a portfolio of developed products, please contact us. Have a novel idea and some resources to build it? We are interested in developing specialties and long term relationships.

Got Solid Talent?   We're looking for experienced, high efficiency talent for programming in CSS, Javascript/Jquery, Angular, Rails, Python, Java and Objective-C as well as electrical and mechanical engineering expertise. Embedded and domain-specific expertise in telecomm and IoT are also great.   Please Contact Us.

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Business Systems

We have developed a large number of products and custom technologies for startups and for managing your business. Amazingly, we're able to tailor the development of the product in practical and cost creative ways, so that you can get the benefit of custom tech, but with our development libraries so you can avoid paying for every line of code.

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Product development, manufacturing systems, computer vision, 3d printing, embedded devices, telemetry, SCADA, telecomm, network and location technologies, technology integration, analytics and use tracking, machine learning, data capture.
We have experience in all of these things and would like to build a custom solution that increases your product offerings and competitiveness.

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Medical devices, medical software, patient flows and care, healthcare business and document management and reporting, HIPAA compliant systems, health and fitness tracking, medical information systems. Yes, we have a lean development process for building great medical tech. And we understand how to make the look and user experience great also.


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